5 Tips For Cooking With An Induction Cooktop

Induction Cooking Tips

Induction cooking can be challenging when you are used to handling the flame and having it in plain sight.

It is similar to having a smartphone for the first time.

It is scary to touch the wrong icon and get to unexpected places, and in the culinary field: damaging a perfect meal.

induction cooking tips

How Does An Induction Cooker Work?

It is a cooking method in which fire is not required, but the heat given off by a cooktop is used to prepare the dishes.

When we turn on the induction cooktop, what we do is activate an electromagnetic field that will be responsible for heating our food.

For this reason, it is recommended that pots and pans specially designed for this type of kitchen be used for induction cooking.

Otherwise, you could spoil your kitchen or make it not work correctly.

Tips For Induction Cooking


To opt for this system, you must consider five tips for cooking with an induction cooktop.

Here we leave you some essential tricks so that you can prepare your dishes optimally:


As with the fire cooker, the induction cooker will also have different dimensions that adapt to the different sizes of the pots or pans with which you cook. It would help if you used the corresponding sizes to prepare your dishes wholly and quickly.


it is possible that, if you want to cook by induction, you may notice that the cooktop is turning off or that it does not completely turn on. This usually occurs because the pan or pot is not correctly positioned on the burner. It has to be in the centre for the cooktop to activate.


We have already indicated it, but it is important to remember it. The pans and pots you use must be adapted for induction cooking to use the induction cooktop.


We have all wondered when the oil is ready for frying, fearing it will burn and lose its properties. Thus, the cooktops include the oil temperature control function, which warns us by an acoustic signal of the exact moment to introduce the food into the pan.


If your cooktop has a touch screen, you have a great ally to cook easily and intuitively. Through images and texts in high resolution, you can interact with it and let yourself be guided to know the cooking time, recommendations, and other useful information for cooking.

Induction pots and pans


What Level Should You Cook With?

Each food needs a different cooking power, and it is essential to respect it to achieve a perfect result. To help you achieve this, we tell you the ideal level to cook each food on a cooktop with nine power levels.

LEVEL 1: Perfect for delicate cooking, such as melting butter or chocolate to incorporate into your desserts. You should also select it to reduce sauces and to poach garlic and onions.

LEVEL 2-3: Ideal for cooking rice, soups and delicate food that needs low-soft heat. It is also the best level to make egg dishes, such as omelettes or scrambled eggs.

fried food

LEVEL 3-4: It is the medium-low level and is used for cooking steaks, hamburgers, fish fillets, meatballs or sausages. You can also use it to sauté vegetables of all kinds and to get perfect crepes.

LEVEL 4-5: Choose this level when making a stir fry. Also, when you go to fry with butter or olive oil. And finally, when you want a perfect stew or boil potatoes.

LEVEL 6-7: This is the ideal level for cooking pasta, one of the favourite foods of the little ones in the house. If your thing is to eat healthily and you want to grill meat or fish, do it also choosing this level.

LEVEL 7-8: Ideal for frying both undercooked meat and fish. Also, to get some potatoes in their point and to prepare some good croquettes, golden and tasty.

LEVEL 8-9: It is used to fry all kinds of frozen since they need high power.

Induction cookers are the safest since they only work if the container is placed in the corresponding area. They cool quickly and have little residual heat. In a house with children and older adults, it is the recommended kitchen.

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